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Dr Sajid Hussain - Vivantes Hospital and Research Institute

Dr Sajid Hussain

MBBS, MS ( Laproscopic & General Surgeon)

Membership: Life member – The association of Surgeons of India.

Dr Sajid Hussain is well Experienced and well expertise Surgeon from AIIMS Patna –  Expertise in treating all kinds of patients; especially those suffering from abdomen pain, Gastritis, Piles, fissure, fistula and Liver problems. Very good experience of doing different varieties of surgeries like laparoscopic gall bladder stone Surgery. Laparoscopic appendix surgery, Laparoscopic hernia surgery and different surgery for Throid, Breast, Lipoma cyst, swellings, and hydrocele, varicose vein surgery and other emergency surgery.

A thorough professional surgeon with over a multiple and various, surgical experience, expanding through state medical hospitals to the AIIMS Patna.

Proudly fulfilled the services relentlessly in the wake of covid- 19  Pandemic,. Segregated Corona patients in line with exposure and effect of the virus strain & thereby took prompt action in giving the best care. Supervised patients on critical emergency care.

Past positions include working in surgical emergencies, assisting all emergency selective Surgeries, Post medical college. Served in AIIMS, Patna with varieties of surgeries done for 3 years and extending the service as a surgeon, for the common people.

Laproscopic & General Surgeon
MBBS, MS ( Laproscopic & General Surgeon)

   7 Years

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Vivantes Hospital is Very Organised & Well Infrastructured Hospital.
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Vivantes Hospital is Very Organised & Well Infrastructured Hospital.
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